Friday, May 13, 2011

#2: Dual Driving: Two "Situations"

Broadway, looking south to Broadway Dock
I arrived in Skagway mid-afternoon of May 1st, two days ahead of Stanley. Which meant I got to clean our room of 7 months' dust and dirt and scrounge for light bulbs and bedding (mine on a mystery bus still in Seattle, waiting to be loaded on a barge for the journey north). That done, I took my pal Mitty, a real Skagwayian, to the Sweet Tooth and then sweet-talked the man into convincing the grocery store manager into lending me some milk crates for storage. Score!

All in time to meet last year's garden friends at the Starfire for Thai food--and to celebrate Bev's divorce, her marriage having fallen apart in the garden last summer.

But then play time was over; it was training time, big time. Our third day into it, the powers-to-be put Stanley and I together for dual driving around town and up to the pass.

Stanley made three short videos of me. But let me clarify. I did NOT kill the bus on the train tracks. NOT. NOT. NOT.

Stanley Introduces the Day

Situation #1
She so fibbed right there!

Situation #2

So there you have it: our first day off the leash. We made it to the summit without any further ado, staged at Fraser, B.C. and Lake Bernard, took a few pictures to prove we were there and then Stanley practiced brake stabbing all the way down the pass to "home sweet home."

The Trip
Crossing Skagway River to head up the Klondike
Driving over Black Lake
The spruce needles spill; the tanin turns the water black.

Not sure where this is, but it's pretty.

 Stopping and...yes, we chocked.

 Alaska and B.C. Yeah! I love it up here!

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