Friday, June 17, 2016

Tick Tock, Wrong Dock!

This is how asleep at the wheel I can get. I even stopped to film just how bad I can be. Our ship-list in Skagway, AK, showed today's TWO ships both at the Railroad dock. Easy peasy. Bryan, the driver, and I roll out. But wait, check my video. At the beginning you can see one ship. Do you see it? Of course you do.

Now, as I turn west, do you see the OTHER ship? Yeah? There it is. Clearly, one here, one there. I must have been snoozing. I carry on.

Bryan, the driver, and I immediately find four of our 13 guests. He stays with the bus, I head for the Railroad dock. Not much is happening. I wait. Where is everyone? I wait some more. "Hey, Brenda to Bryan," I radio.

"Nope," he says, "no one's snuck past you. We still have only the four out of 13."

Tap my toes. Wait. Tap my toes. It's now 7:40. We leave at 8 sharp. Tick, tock, 7:45. Where the heck is everyone???

"Bryan to Brenda!" the radio crackles.

"Go for Brenda!"

"The other ship is over at the Ore dock!" Bryan barks. "The ship went to the wrong dock! Haha, all our missing people are over there!"

Yikes! As the British say--I can bloody well see it over there! What is WRONG with me???

"We better roll! Ten-four!" I holler into the radio as I race pell mell back to my car to see if I can't beat Bryan over to the Ore dock. Some of those folks might be madder than you-know-what.

Bryan beat me. He apparently soothed the troubled waters and had all but one safely into the bus, out of the terrible wind that's the Ore dock. "Missing one," he radioed. So I take up position at the gangplank exit, hold up my SOUTHEAST TOURS sign, shout hello through the roar of the wind to my friends. Mr. Duley has three minutes, just three minutes, to show. No show.

"Bryan to Brenda, it's 8:00! I'm headed out."

"Roger that!" I holler back.

I can't believe it. We actually got out on time, minus Mr. Duley of course--never mind the wayward ship and me asleep at the wheel--all on video.

Here's my sermon for the day. Don't believe the paperwork, believe your eyes.

That is, if your eyes are open!

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